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---AA/NA LINKS--Alcholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, AA, NA, Recovery , Twelve Step Recovery-------------------------------------------- Useful health links for all, especially users and those in recovery
"We have continuing education, not graduation;  treatment not cure"

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Debtors Anonymous
(513) 631-8873
Gamblers Anonymous
(888) 746-4942
Narcotics Anonymous
(513) 820-2947
Nicotine Anonymous
(513) 230-5475
Overeaters Anonymous
(513) 921-1922
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
(513) 852-9459



Locate a convenient AA meetin:


-Even if you don't drink yourself, if you have or have had alcoholism in your family, it's affected you.  Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) may be able to help http://www.adultchildren.org 

-Al-anon and Alateen (for younger members) can also offer support for family and friends of alcoholics.  http://www.al-anon.alateen.org/english.html

-AA Acronyms: (Succinct and clever folk wisdom from our higher power) http://www.aacanada.com/acronyms.html

-Link to Cincinnati Intergroup AA http://www.aacincinnati.org

-Central Ohio Intergroup AA http://www.aacentralohio.org

---Health Links---

-Homeostatic health that all alcoholics and drug addicts need is at:


http://www.mgwater.com , and other good natural health ideas for people in recovery:

It feels great to be clean and sober but many of us suffer from Magnesium Deficiency which is typical in most alcoholics according to many sources and made worse by ANY diuretic, including alcohol, most "recreational" and prescription medicines including "high blood pressure meds",, and also such "safe" drugs as nicotine and caffeine.  Magnesium defficiency has been associated with alcholism, addiction problems, diabetes type two, chronic depression, high blood pressure, asthma and bi-polar (manic depression) and many other common but very troublesome health problems.

Check out this site (a compendium of articles on magnesium defficiency) and you will no doubt find some familiar health problems and their possible cause and cure.   

Other interesting healthsite dealing with health problems especially common to alcoholics & drug addicts are found at the following links:

is at http://www.ctds.info

-Linus Pauling did a lot of early research and writing on vitamins.  Read about it at http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/infocenter/


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